Certified Irrigation Contractor

Certified Irrigation Contractor (CIC)

North Point Outdoors is a proud holder of the Certified Irrigation Contractor certification by the national Irrigation Association (IA) and EPA WaterSense program.

Certified Irrigation Contractor

In the effort to reduce nearly 9 billion gallons of water used daily on landscapes in the United States, the US EPA was tasked with creating products and certification programs that advance the water-efficient irrigation techniques and practices. The current certification carries a national pass average of only 31.6% of applicants which guarantees to customers that a Certified Irrigation Contractor is select group of proven ability.

As an Irrigation Association CIC, North Point Outdoors is one of 3 certified irrigation contractors in NH that has proven the knowledge, skills, experience, and expertise required to follow the guidelines set by the EPA in the pursuit of increasing water efficiency and share a commitment to sound water management and sustainable solutions.

Many commercial and residential irrigation projects in NH, MA, ME, VT, CT and RI are beginning to require that irrigation system installations be completed by a Certified Irrigation Contractor. In New Hampshire, Portsmouth is requiring Certified Irrigation Contractors be involved in commercial construction projects. A CIC has been trained in the best practices required to ensure the parts, layout, scheduling, and installation of the irrigation system meets and exceed the strict EPA WaterSense requirements.

NPO offers consultation services to oversee and manage installation by instructing, monitoring & complete final inspection and sign-off required to meet CIC project requirements for landscape and site contractors.

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