Winter Snow Safety

Preparing for a snowstorm? Keep these winter necessities on hand:

  • Salt shaker at the door (ice melting products containing calcium chloride are harsher on concrete over time, but magnesium chloride is less damaging)
  • Car scraper and shovel in both your entryway and your car
  • Windshield washer fluid in your car (it won't freeze)
  • Sand bags in the trunk do double duty to weigh down front wheel drive vehicles and to also sprinkle around spinning tires to gain traction if you get stuck (coarser industrial sand is grittier and works better than play box sand)
  • Keep windshield wipers flipped up off the glass to keep ice from forming and making defrosting more difficult

How can you get the most out of your residential snow plowing service? Before the snow plow arrives, you can:

  • Avoid driving on the falling snow before the snow plow truck arrives. This will reduce compaction and allow the plow to scrape the driveway and reduce the risk of ice and snow pack.
  • If you park vehicles in the driveway, keep them close together, preferably in front of garage doors and avoid parking them where your snow removal professional can store and stack snow.
  • Keep your driveway clean. Putting away trash barrels, sports equipment, and other yard tools allows the driver to get closer to edges and ensure a full cleanup of the driveway.
  • It takes some work but shoveling a 3' path along the garage doors allows the driver to clear the snow easier. This will eliminate the formation of a hard-packed snow mound at the front of the doors which could lead to flooding, and clearance issues for larger vehicles.
  • Remember that you have hired a professional snow removal service for a reason. Shoveling snow can lead to muscle, back and cardiac issues. Let the snow plow do the hard work.

Ways to keep your business entrance, walkways and parking lot safe during a winter snow event:

  • As the owner or property manager of a commercial retail or multi-unit housing complex, you know that safety is a top priority in the winter. Following these suggestions will ensure that your front entrances, emergency exits and other important areas of your property are kept safe and clear.
  • Keep a shovel & ice melt bucket at each door. This allows employees and tenants the opportunity to clear a pathway of ice and snow between the arrival times of your snow removal provider. Be sure they are re-filled as needed.
  • Post a highly visible bulletin at each entrance reminding people to be watchful of icy conditions on the sidewalk as well as falling snow and ice from rooflines and gutters.
  • Create a list of priority areas and discuss them with the buildings occupants, snow removal company and the plow truck driver. This list will identify and highlight the locations of fire hydrants, emergency exits, drainage grates, down spouts, utilities, & snow storage areas.
  • Be sure that your snow removal contractor is NHDES Green Snow Pro Certified. This ensures that they understand and follow the best practices of applying ice melt products to ensure they are effective to increase safety and reduce impact on the environment.

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