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Sod lawns are the perfect option to get the lawn you've dreamed of almost instantly.

Not interested in waiting for a dry seed or hydro-seed lawn to germinate? We don't blame you! Sod lawns are the perfect option to get the lawn you've dreamed of almost instantly.

Why should I sod my lawn?

Sod is a good application when finishing off a project where the lawn areas were disturbed and can be blended back into your existing lawn areas. Sod is a perfect solution for someone who needs to have a fully established lawn in a short period of time. Typically sod routes into the ground in 14 days - leaps and bounds faster than a typical hydro-seed lawn which takes 30 days or more. Along this same line, sod lawns are lush and thick from the start, where dry-seed or hydroseed lawns typically take some over-seeding and additional work after the initial seeding.

When is the best time to sod my lawn?

Sod can be installed anytime during the landscape season...with a couple of requirements. Newly laid sod requires constant watering. We recommend that you pair your sod lawn installation with an irrigation system if you don't already have one. Newly laid sod has different watering requirements at different times of the season. Spring and fall tend to be cooler, and require less water. Mid-summer time is when you really need to crank the water!

Can I install sod myself?

Sure, how much free time do you have? Laying sod is like applying the icing on the cake, it's the quick and easy part, but you need to bake the cake first. In this case, installing sod requires completely removing the existing turf lawn, preparing and raking the soil, along with adding any new soil required then laying the sod. Laying sod requires cutting in edges and corners along with making sure seams are appropriately staggered. Sod rolls are typically 2' x 5' and weigh approximately 25 lbs. When palletized 500 square feet fit on a pallet, and weigh in at approximately 2500 lbs. In instances where large areas of sod are laid (5000 sq. ft. plus) a rolling machine is used to roll the sod out in 4' x 50' these large rolls can weigh 2000 lbs on their own! With his being said, when installing large quantities of sod a skid-steer and forks are used to load and unload the sod, as well as move the sod pallets around the job site.

The advantage of using a professional landscape installer like North Point Outdoors

North Point Outdoors has the experience required to expertly install your new sod lawn to ensure successful rooting, and sustained growth. Jobs under 5000 square feet can be prepared and installed in under a 2 day window. Coupled with an irrigation system, typically taking one day to install, you can protect your investment from the start.

How much does a sod lawn cost?

Sod lawns typically cost about $1.30 a square foot to install. However when under 2500 square feet the cost is slightly higher. Factors such as site access and terrain can also influence pricing.

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